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Josh McDowell, M.Div.
Author, International Lecturer

Josh McDowell, author and international speaker, received a Master of Divinity degree (magna cum laude) from Talbot Theological Seminary. During the past 30 years Josh has spoken to more than 7 million people in 84 countries. His weekly radio program, “Josh McDowell Radio” is heard on 400 stations throughout the United States. McDowell has authored or co-authored more than 70 books on topics ranging from evidence for the Christian faith to teen sexuality and youth counseling. His books include More Than A Carpenter, The Resurrection Factor and Evidence that Demands a Verdict.

Since 1992 McDowell’s humanitarian movement, “Operation Carelift” has distributed more than 3,000 tons of goods to 813,000 needy children and their families in orphanages, hospitals, youth prisons and underprivileged communities in eight countries of the former Soviet Union, including Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. In 1996 The Children’s Hunger Fund named Josh “Man of the Year.” In 2000 Josh received a special award for his contribution to the President’s drug control strategy from the Executive Office of the National Drug Control Policy.
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